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WRGT-TV FOX 45 News :: Weather - Daily Forecast

Dayton Ohio Forecast

Today: Mostly Cloudy Skies with Areas of Flurries Possible. Wind Chills Remain Below Freezing.
High: 34    Winds: SW 6-12 mph

Tonight: Southerly Winds Allow Temps to Stay Steady Overnight,
Low: 29   Winds: S 5-10 mph

Saturday: Mostly Cloudy & Breezy - Warmer.
High: 47     Winds: S 10-15 mph

Today is similar to yesterday in all aspects! We could see a few peeps of sunshine here and there but overall it will be cloudy with flurries in certain areas.

Saturday we start to warm a little and it'll be breezy from time to time.  We'll see highs in the 40s under mostly cloudy skies.  Sunday we're back into the 50s and rain will arrive through the day.

Showers linger into Monday and a brief wintry mix is possible in the early morning hours.  Tuesday & Wednesday will be partly to mostly cloudy with highs in the low and mid-40s.  By Thursday we'll see highs in the upper 40s & low 50s under partly cloudy skies.

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