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WRGT-TV FOX 45 News :: News - Good Morning - Warm Up Your Home With Some Tropical Plants

Warm Up Your Home With Some Tropical Plants

All of the plants on display in this segment are available at The Home Depot. 
Many indoor tropical plants are great for beginning gardeners.
Tropical foliage plants are a great way to add life to your décor during the winter months. These plants come in a variety of textures and sizes.
Larger tropical plants can be used to decorate household entryways and heated patios.
Smaller tropical plants provide a warm and inviting look when displayed on office desks and common areas within a household.
Succulent plants are easy to care for and are perfect for small spaces.

Bamboo in Rock:
Medium to low light
Keep out of cold drafts
Wide temp. range 55 to 85 degrees
Water is the key to success!  Keep water level low, it is better to add small amount of water often than a lot at once.  The roots need oxygen and can drown then rot when water level is kept too high. 
Little liquid fertilizer monthly.

Medium to high light
Keep out of cold drafts
Temperature range 65 to 85 degrees
Check water weekly and water when soil is dry to the touch, do not let thoroughly dry and do not keep very wet as root rot may develop.

Most succulents require bright light
Plants should be provided with good light throughout the year
In summer, plants should be watered frequently - as often as once every 10 to 14 days.
In winter, plants should be watered less frequently, about once every 3 to 6 weeks.

Snake Plant:
Latin name: Sansevieria
Light Requirements: Prefers medium light but will tolerate low light, It is a very good plant for offices and low light areas of a home.
Water Requirements: 1-2 times per month. Does not like much water.  It will rot easily if over watered. It stores water in it's leaves similar to a succulent. 
Height at Maturity: 18-24"
Specific care requirements: The leaves will brown if they are damaged.  You may prune these  back. It likes to be pot bound.
Zone: 65 to 85 degrees F
Easy Care. Tolerates low light with minimal water

Latin Name: Many varieties - common one: "Guzmania"
Light Requirements: Bright light. Plant may be scorched by direct sunlight if left outside.
Water requirements: Weekly. Fill center cup or vase of leaves with water.
Height at maturity: Varies. Approximately 1'-2' tall
Specific care requirements: Can be left without much care for weeks. Maintain some water in "vase" of leaves. The age of the plants shown through brown foliage.
Zone: 55-75 degrees F
Easy Care. Trouble free, easy-to-grow plant - offering color to offices and homes for months.

Orchid - Classic "Moth" Orchid
Latin name: Phalaenopsis
Light Requirements: Needs bright light but avoid direct sun light. East or southeast facing window is best.
Water Requirements: Water sparingly about the equivalent of three ice cubes per weeks (1/4 cup of water per week) Ideally, the potting medium should be slightly damp.
Height at Maturity: 2'-3'maximum
Specific Care Requirements: One of the easiest orchids to grow. Long-lasting bloom period of 2 to 3 months. Can cut back to nob to encourage new blooms. If leaves wrinkle, it is a sign of under watering.
Zone: 60-85 degrees F (never below 55 degrees F)
Moderate Care
A great orchid for beginners. Watch water requirements above.

Ways to Kill a Houseplant:
Transport from the store to home in the trunk of the car on a cold winter day
Allow the plant to sit in water collected in the drip pan
Report the plant in garden soil
Plant in a container with no drainage hole
The number one cause of death of houseplants is over watering
Plants need light. Match the plant to the light available. Move the plant around to find the ideal location.
Don't over fertilize. Use a fertilizer labeled for houseplants at 1/2 strength. Fertilizer promotes growth. Fertilize in spring and summer and stop in fall and winter.Warm Up Your Home With Some Tropical Plants

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